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HackTrack Products

HackTrack offers following security products:


HackTrack™ Antivirus

HackTrack™ Antivirus offers a complete security protection against malware such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware and adware. The high quality assurance is guaranteed by the HackTrack™ team of security experts, a very quick response time to new events, and HackTrack™ Viruses Response Center (VRC). This is the way how HackTrack™ can provide a sufficient protection against variety of security threats and intrusions and protect its clients against their loss of data.

How does HackTrack™ VRC work?

Should HackTrack™ clients receive any suspicious email to their mail server that has not been clearly marked as virus; the e-mail is forwarded to HackTrack™ VRC to be analyzed. Such e-mail is analyzed by the HackTrack™ team of security experts and either allowed or banned. Due to the immediate action of VRC, the new virus definitions can be added to HackTrack™ antivirus database and new information shall be distributed worldwide within fifteen minutes. HackTrack™ mail servers and honeypot virus centers are located all around the world, especially in the areas where the beginning of the often virus epidemics can be expected. Therefore, the HackTrack™ team of security experts can monitor among the first all the new insecure objects.

- Personal version

Antivirus for work stations can be fully integrated with Windows OS. The system contents a residual shield for online control of files that the system works with or that are actively in use.

Supported OS – Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003

- Server version

Antivirus for servers can be fully integrated with mail servers (LMS, Exchange, Kerio MS, Postfix), ISA, and WEB application, etc.


HackTrack™ Server Firewall

The complete packets filter, at the lowest level within the system, provides the best protection for servers and routers on MS Windows platform. HackTrack™ Server Firewall creates the best IT security solution while integrated with Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).


Key features:
  • User friendly and quick installation
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Real-time online actualization
  • Integration to corporate policy (Administrator defines the rules)
  • Complete packets filter
  • User friendly configuration interface
  • Enabling of own rules definition
  • Definition of applications that may communicate
  • Definition of secure zones
  • Black list support
  • Re-definition of rules for variety of applications and solutions
  • Rules definition in accordance with actual demands
  • Real-time information provider about threats and intrusions by Messenger, ICQ, Mail, MSN, EventLog, and SysLog
  • Supervision of correct application functionalities
  • Enabling of IDS automatic combination with filters; new rules definition will be according to suspicious communication
  • Applications connectivity with first Security response center HackTrack™ Security.Net
  • Compatibility with Windows 2000, XP, XP SP2, Windows 2003, and Vista

HackTrack™ e-Business Security Pack

HackTrack™ e-Business Security Pack provides a complete security for e-Business projects.
HackTrack™ e-Business Security Pack includes automatic control of new application versions and in-use software.
HackTrack™ e-Business Security Pack offers an automatic data encryption, databases security, web server security, data accessibility and elimination of security breaches.

HackTrack™ HTTP Security Pack

HackTrack™ HTTP Security Pack provides a complete security for web servers.
HackTrack™ HTTP Security Pack eliminates major security breaches of majority web servers, therefore, it helps to solve current key security issues of the most popular Internet services.
HackTrack™ HTTP Security Pack includes automatic control of new application versions and in-use software.

HackTrack™ Server Security Pack

HackTrack™ Server Security Pack provides a complete security of corporate and Internet servers.


Key features:
  • User friendly and quick installation
  • User friendly and quick configuration
  • Real-time online actualization of applications and rules
  • Elimination of unsafe settings and system features
  • Actualized control of applications used within the system
  • Real-time information provider of threats and intrusions by Messenger, ICQ, Mail, MSN, EventLog, and SysLog
  • Definition of applications that are in-use and running
  • Users’ definition with login rights
  • Connectivity with HackTrack™ Security.Net
  • Recommended ideal combination with HackTrack™ Server Firewall
  • Rules implementation according to templates
  • Compatibility with Windows 2000, XP, XP SP2, Windows 2003, and Vista

HackTrack™ System Security Pack

HackTrack™ System Security Pack provides a complete security of Windows, UNIX, and Linux OS. Also, the entry level administrator may eliminate insecure items of system, create security rules, plan individual security procedures and control of software by using HackTrack™ System Security Pack.

Security procedures control:
  • New versions of software
  • ‘Hotfix’ and Security patches
  • Functionalities of individual web items
  • Functionalities of servers, work stations, and other appliances
  • System services stability and functionality
  • EventLog, SysLog and their reporting
  • New Firmware version of routers and BIOS made by Compaq, HP, and Fujitsu corporations
  • SNMP, PING, ARP, HTTP, FTP support
  • Viruses definitions automatic download


All information can be reported by following services:
  • Email
  • SNMP
  • Messenger
  • ICQ
  • Pager
  • SMS

HackTrack™ Liam Mail Server (LMS)

The HackTrack™ experts team has been continuously developing HackTrack™ LMS over two years. The goal of the HackTrack™ team is to deliver a unique product that supersedes any concurrent products in terms of high quality and results. The goal of HackTrack™ team has been achieved although the development of HackTrack™ LMS is ongoing. HackTrack™ LMS can be deployed in all areas where an electronics mail is used. LMS provides a complete protection against spams, viruses and corporate theft. HackTrack™ LMS is feasible for hosting companies as well.

The developer license allows HackTrack™ LMS implementation and customization in accordance with clients requests.

HackTrack™ LMS solves the most current major problems of electronic mail, such as unsolicited e-mails and massive invasions of e-mail worms. The complete protection is guaranteed by integration of antivirus program HackTrack™ Antivirus. This program can be ideally combined with HackTrack™ VRC service.


Key Features:
  • Antivirus protection with Phising and Hoax detection
  • Anti-spam protection
  • User, Domain, and Server filters
  • Aliasing
  • Domain bins
  • ETRN and POP3 download
  • Administrator web interface
  • 3 types of web-mail interface
  • LMS SDK (API and COM interface for integration with its own apps)
  • Web administrator and web mail interface support of PDA
  • Administrator tools (Mail Tracker, Error Tracker, Bug Tracker, and User Tracker)
  • Scheduling
  • Content filter (filtering according to real content of attachments)
  • SMTP Server, Web Server
  • Backup service
  • Reporting service
  • Dial-up agent
  • Secure authentication by CRAM-MD5, NTLM, and -IGEST-MD5
  • Complete logs of all operations
  • One-time user passwords (the secure system to access your e-mail account)
  • Mail Delivery Center, and Company Delivery Center
  • Import package for Kerio, and Icewarp