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About HackTrack


HackTrackTM is trademark of HackTrack GROUP for a comprehensive security solution consisting of a portfolio of products and services tailored to meet the Internet security needs of our customers. Our mission is more than simply delivering comprehensive security solutions: it is about building relationships. We pride ourselves on client partnerships that last beyond project plans, and technologies. It's about partnerships that are supportive and mutually beneficial, for the long term. And our work often results in long-term partnerships with clients, enabling them to realize their vision, improve processes, and achieve goals.

We are only too aware of the sensitivity of Internet security and have developed policies and procedures to protect the interests of our clients. As a matter of policy we never reveal the names of our clients, and all information and correspondence is held under the strictest confidence.

No organization can afford to ignore the potential the Internet offers nor the security threats the Internet poses. Internet sites are under constant threat from viruses and hackers. It is no longer a question of whether to implement security or not, but what level and methods of security to employ.

Internet security is a global issue that demands an international perspective. The HackTrack team is built from experienced consultants drawn from the USA, Czech Republic and Great Britain and currently serves clients across the USA and Europe.

The HackTrack team is constantly updating their skills and products, many of which are unique and confidential to HackTrack, to keep one step ahead of new virus and hacker threats. By the time you hear of a new virus or hacker attack you can be sure that the HackTrack team already have a solution in place.



The HackTrack Lab conducts continuous research and analysis on the products of well-known IT companies to gain a detailed knowledge of their potential and pitfalls for Internet security. We specialize in technologies from Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, CISCO, CheckPoint, IPSwitch, Kaspersky Lab, Linksys, Compaq, IBM, Netscape, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, and Kerio Inc.

The HackTrack team use their technical knowledge to design, develop and implement security solutions for the Microsoft, SCO, Linux, SunOS, Palm OS, IBM, Win CE, UNIX and other platforms, including wireless systems built on protocol 802.11 (wireless, wifi).

The HackTrack Advantages:

  1. It is our policy to never publish the names of our clients and all communication with our customers is treated in the strictest confidence.
  2. Our products and services are tailed to each customer’s unique requirements, including the use of our unique coded keys and passwords.
  3. We constantly study new tactics of hackers and develop countermeasures.
  4. In our Research Center we conduct detailed testing of applications and operating systems to identify security holes.
  5. For over six years we have built up a comprehensive database of all known security holes on our supported platforms.
  6. We use our own confidential IDS (Intrusion detection system) to defeat hacker attacks.
  7. For our consultants security is not just their work but also their passion.
  8. Our consultants regularly participate in knowledge sharing meetings with other security specialists.
  9. Our consultants actively participate in security conferences. Security bulletins and important security information security is published on our Internet pages.
  10. We make a point of learning from other people’s security blunders.



HackTrack™, as an independent portal focusing on Information Technology security, offers:

  • News from the world of cyber security
  • Articles focusing on cyber security
  • Information and advices
  • Reviews of malware, firewalls and security solutions
  • Reviews of books and documentaries with subjects of cyber security and hacking
  • Exploits and code demonstrations that lead to errors misuse
  • Security Tools
  • Security White Papers and Documents
  • Archive of links to other cyber security portals
  • Security Advisory complete archive
  • Complete archive of e-security magazines
  • Catalog of malware and information of their correct removal procedures
  • Catalogs of IT products and their cyber security errors
  • Discussion board

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Should you send any comments, publications, additions, and corrections, use the following e-mail: hk [at]

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