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Jarvis AI is an automated system that we created for comprehensive cyber security audits.

  • Automated system for auditing cyber security according to OWASP and NIST methodology using machine learning.

  • Automated retrieval of information about attack targets, including linked domains, used segments of IP addresses and DNS records, and including historically used ones.

  • Automatic detection of known vulnerabilities and their use for intrusion.

  • Automated acquisition of information about the software used, its author and application operator.

  • Source code indexing.

  • Prediction of errors in the source code of specific software authors based on the indexed source code of older versions of applications.

  • Features for automated exploitation and intrusion attempts on the application, internal infrastructure, and workstation levels.

  • Functions for complete infrastructure mapping, including related infrastructure.

  • Monitoring of errors and security problems at the level of internal infrastructure.

  • Periodic repetition of the audit.

  • Audit of passwords with automatic comparison of their similarity or agreement from known and public intersections.

  • Automatically find new goals and track changes.

  • Features for honeypot.

  • Support for generating security rules in YAML formats.

  • Extraction and machine analysis of data for the purpose of subsequent report and penetration within the assigned audit.

  • Generating a report in a structured format.

  • Own operation in the form of an independent appliance.

  • Report processing to various data views and subsequent export to HTML, PDF, XLSX and XML.

  • Automatic updates with new security flaws and algorithms.

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