Penetration test

The penetration test ensures a complete examination of the website, application or the entire network. The output of the penetration test can be used as the basis for an audit, for certification, or it can even be used as part of compliance with legislative conditions.

We perform penetration tests according to the international standards OWASP, PTES and OSSTMM, which we suitably supplement with our own procedures. This is how we achieve extraordinary success.

We process penetration tests from the point of view of both external and internal infrastructure. We also have extensive experience with audits of control systems (for the petrochemical industry, etc.).

In addition to the overall summary, the list of tested areas and all safety deficiencies identified, the final report also includes recommendations for their elimination.

BlackHat test

BlackHat is a method of penetration testing that we created. It is a simulation of a hacker attack against a company, which the hacker found for the attack and about which it has no additional information other than the identity of the company itself. The attacker’s target is usually some sensitive company data. Other goals may be to do damage to the company and/or its reputation, to misuse servers or to damage the computing power of the company (currently, for example, the extraction of cryptocurrencies).

The aim of the BlackHat test is, therefore, to identify the weakest vulnerabilities, to alert you to these deficiencies and to recommend a way to remedy them. This allows you to focus on the most important issues, to use your resources effectively and to significantly strengthen your security.

The vast majority of BlackHat tests are performed in the form of an external attack. But even the BlackHat test can be conceived as internal. In this case we perform an attack from the internal network of the organization and simulate, for example, the possibility of intrusion by external collaborators, or possibly by employees.

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