HackTrack Security is currently focusing on Zero Day bugs in the following products in this area

HackTrack Security deals with the purchase of so-called zero-day vulnerabilities.

Our advantage over classic bug bounty programs, which focus on any type of vulnerability and pay small rewards, is that at HackTrack Security we focus on vulnerabilities that can be rated as high-risk and therefore involve very high rewards.

Operation systems

Remote code execution, local privilege escalation, VM escape.

  • Microsoft Windows

  • Linux / BSD
  • SunOS

  • Apple macOS

  • VMware ESXi

Web browsers

Remote code execution, or sandbox bypass/escape, or both.

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Apple Safari

  • Tor Browser


Remote code execution or sensitive information disclosure.

  • MS Office (Word/Excel)

  • Adobe Acrobat / Reader

  • Email (Outlook/Thunderbird)

  • Archivers (7-Zip/WinRAR/WinZip/Tar)

  • Support Tools (VNC,TeamViewer, CCleaner)


Remote code execution, or privilege escalation, or any other exploit type.

  • Apple iOS

  • Apple watchOS

  • Android

Web Servers

Remote code execution or sensitive information disclosure.

  • Apache HTTP Server

  • Microsoft IIS Server

  • nginx web server
  • PHP / ASP

  • OpenSSL / mod_ssl

  • Another mod_

Email Servers

Remote code execution or sensitive information disclosure.

  • MS Exchange

  • Dovecot

  • Postfix

  • Exim

  • Sendmail

  • IceWarp Mail Server & Kerio Mail Server


Remote code execution, or SQL injection, or information disclosure.

  • cPanel / Plesk / Webmin / ISP Panel

  • WordPress / Joomla / Drupal

  • vBulletin / MyBB / phpBB

  • IPS Suite / IP.Board

  • Roundcube / Horde


Any other security research, exploits, or techniques related to.

  • WiFi / Baseband RCE

  • Routers / IoT RCE

  • AntiVirus RCE/LPE

  • Tor De-anonymization

  • Mitigations Bypass

Eligible Mobile Brands

  • Apple
  • Google

  • Samsung

  • LG

  • Huawei

  • Siemens

  • Sony

  • HTC

  • Xiaomi

  • BlackBerry

Eligible Linux/BSD Distributions

  • CentOS

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Ubuntu

  • Debian

  • Tails

  • NetBSD

  • OpenBSD

  • FreeBSD

Eligible Router Brands

  • MikroTik
  • Ubiquiti

  • ASUS

  • D-Link

  • Huawei

  • Linksys

  • Netgear

  • TP-Link

  • Turis

Are you interested in cooperation?

Phone: +420 606 714 910 – E-mail: info@hacktrack.com

NOTE: If you have Zero Day exploits for other products or systems not listed above, feel free to submit minimal details and we will be glad to discuss the opportunity.

The reward for applicable zero-day vulnerabilities or exploits depends on the popularity and security level of the affected software or system, as well as the quality of the submitted abuse (supported versions, architecture, stability, supported versions).

We always set prices individually according to defined criteria.

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